Elite has a full staff of professionals specialized in each sector are able to offer: design
interior and exterior of houses, cottages, shops, hotels eresidence, with solutions increasingly topical and exclusive
custom furniture
design and construction of:
home automation systems
electrical and plants using alternative energy (photovoltaic, solar thermal, wind power)
Professional audio equipment
alarm systems and video surveillance
water systems and air-conditioning.


Elite consists of engineers, architects, surveyors, plasterers, electricians, plumbers and painters professionals to offer customers aipropri laristrutturazione "turnkey" and even more the distinctive note of "tailored" strengthened dauna carpentry and a history within the company ... all this for a job at 360 °.
Elite Clients are assisted in selecting a choice of all the materials needed for restructuring (flooring, paneling, bathroom furniture, thermo furniture, wallpaper, curtains, lighting ...) directly on-site, ensuring the speedy realization timescales, ensuring linearity in 'matching colors and materials, having a single point of contact to interface throughout the restructuring.